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The Sewing Room is a wonderful addition to the Hwy 280/Inverness area. We really needed a good place to shop for quality fabrics, patterns, heirloom and embroidery notions. Patsy has had many years of sewing experience and is most helpful with any project. She's introducing some wonderful classes and since I've taken classes with her before I can highly recommend anything she teaches. She also sells Baby Lock sewing machines and sergers which in my opinion are a best on the market today. I would encourage anyone who is either a novice or a long time seamstress to head to this shop to see the beautiful things she has.

~ Pam Stunda Valdosta, GA

WARNING TO ALL MEN... My wife recently went to the grand opening and to a forum held by the owners. She took a friend with her. They both came back with a shopping bag full of things that they "needed", and had made a list of all of the things that they found there that they could not find anywhere else. They were enthusiastic about the sales and service. Men, guard your billfolds. This is the type of business that your wife can run rampant in! It is hard to believe that there is a store that does not sell any golf gear, hunting supplies or other sporting good that could be so popular.

~ PapaDoc529 Birmingham, AL

The most wonderful new sewing shop in Birmingham. You must go and see it to believe it! Wonderful kind staff with the best selection around. So wonderful to have this type of shop on the Hwy 280 corridor. If you are into sewing, then this is the shop for you! I loved everything they have to offer and would be glad to buy any of the things they have to offer!

~ Jennifer Lartigue Birmingham, AL