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Durkee Cap Frame single needle machines


Introducing Durkee SingleNeedle Cap Frame Inserts- all metal frames allowing embroiderers to embellish caps with monograms,logos and designs. Durkee’s Single Needle Cap Frame inserts into either a Brother 5"x7" Accessory #SA439 hoop or, BabyLock 5"x7" Item #EF75 Hoop. The bill of the cap is clamped securely in place while the embroiderer presses down the front portion of the cap held in place with sticky backing/stabilizer. Our Single Needle Cap Frame Insert allows the embroiderer to stitch a design or logo approximately 41/2" wide and 41/2" tall. The frame also provides both vertical and horizontal alignment guides and slots for consistent embroidery placement.

***These are items in perfect condition, but were used as demos for an event, so enjoy a great CLEARANCE price while supplies last***