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Variety pack - Fuse N Tear Sew N Wash Tear N Wash Fusible No Show

Exquisite Essentials

12″ x 5 yards each of Exquisite Essential Stabilizers

Fuse’ N Tear – Firm, crisp, fusible tearaway that can be applied using a medium heat setting on a household iron.

Sew’ N Wash – Soft, stable fabric-like stabilizer designed to dissolve in water.  This stabilizer can be used to create embroidered lace and other “freestanding” embroidery and “in-the-hoop” projects.

Tear’ N Wash – Tearaway stabilizer that dissolves in the wash. Ideal for towels and linens where the back side of the embroidery is visible. May require more than one washing for complete removal.

Fusible No Show – Soft, sheer, translucent nylon cutaway with a low-melt adhesive.  Apply to the reverse side of fabrics to eliminate stretching during the hooping process.